The British Antarctic Territory is the UK’s largest Overseas Territory. It lies in Antarctica, the world's most southerly continent.

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Emperor Penguin Coins – 2019

Two new coins featuring Emperor Penguins have been launched by Pobjoy Mint this month.  Now we all love the conventional Easter icons – a rabbit here, a baby chicken there, but why not go alternative this Easter and p-p-p pick-up these new delightful coins. New releases such as this and others can be purchased from…


Supporting The Royal British Legion

To mark the end of World War One, we issued a commemorative postage stamp set highlighting the role played by Ernest Shackleton’s men who, against all the odds, returned from the ill-fated Trans-Antarctic Expedition to serve their country. Thanks to the sales of those stamps, we have donated a total of £1,000 to The Royal British…


Arrowsmith Peninsula

As part of a regular series on the meaning of place names in the Territory, this latest edition focuses on an area which honours a number of prominent glaciologists – Arrowsmith Peninsula. John F Nye (1923-2019) was a prominent figure in the field of glaciology. He was the first to apply plasticity to understand glacier…


Chinstrap Penguin Coin – 2019

The second coin in the five-part Penguin 50p series has been released by Pobjoy Mint, and features the Chinstrap penguin. You can get your hands on the coin direct from Pobjoy Mint while stocks last or from all good coin stockists. About Chinstraps are so called due to the band of dark feathers under the chin which…



1902-04: Scottish National Antarctic Expedition set up the first permanent metereological station in Antarctica at Laurie Island in the South Orkney Islands. The ruins of Omond House remain today as a historic site 🇬🇧🇦🇶🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #UKinAntarctica200

Sorry to hear #DorisDay has died, but a great excuse to share how she has immortalised in paint in 1960 at #PortLockroy in #Antarctica.

This notebook belonged to Vivian Fuchs, who completed the first overland crossing of the Antarctic in 1958.

Read more about how technology is helping us to study and map Antarctica here:

Although modern technology allows us to capture data more accurately with drones, sensors, submarines, webcams and the like there is something very beautiful and evocative about early explorers field notebooks. #notebook #sketchbook #polar #map #antarctic #antarctica

Succesful harbour trials for the latest Autosub Long Range. Congratulations to our colleagues at @NOCnews! Marine robotics such as #autosub will be used on our new #polarship Find out more about the trial here #oceanrobots #marinescience #uktechnology

Nothing better than a little bit of #ice breaking on a #sunny afternoon in #Antarctica. Here’s our #icebreaking bow in action a couple of months ago in the relatively light #packice of the #WeddellSea. This is much more difficult than it looks!
🌊🚢🇬🇧 @RoyalNavy @RAdmPaulHalton

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