The British Antarctic Territory is the UK’s largest Overseas Territory. It lies in Antarctica, the world's most southerly continent.

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Consultation: Amateur Radio Licensing

Consultation: Draft Communications (Wireless Telegraphy) Ordinance 2021 and draft Communications (Wireless Telegraphy) (Issuance of Amateur Radio Licences) Regulations 2021 Background to licences for amateur radio stations in the British Antarctic Territory Licences for amateur radio stations operated in the British Antarctic Territory have previously been issued under the provisions of the jurisdiction of the Falkland…


Klaus Dodds on “Saving Antarctica! The UK, Polar Friendships, and the Protocol on Environmental Protection (1991)”

In a new report, Klaus Dodds of Royal Holloway University explores the diplomatic negotiations behind the signing of the Environmental Protocol for its 30th anniversary this year. This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the collapse of support for Convention on the Regulation of Antarctic Mineral Resource Activities (CRAMRA) and the subsequent adoption of…


Finlandia Foothills

As part of a regular series on the meaning of place-names in the Territory, this latest edition focuses on place-names in Antarctica which are often chosen around a theme for each area. An interesting example of this effect is in the Finlandia Foothills, Alexander Island. This area had not been visited prior to January 2018,…


30th Anniversary of Environmental Protocol: Emperor Penguins – 2021

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Environmental Protocol, the British Antarctic Territory and Pobjoy Mint will be issuing two coins which feature two of Antarctica’s most renowned residents. For our second issue, we are proud to present a £1 coin which features a group of Emperor Penguins with their chicks. Emperor penguins were listed as…



#RRSSirDavidAttenborough visits #London as pre-COP event ahead of first mission to #Antarctica! UK’s new polar research ship is making its London debut in Greenwich (28-30 Oct) in support of the UK Presidency of #COP26:

@RMGreenwich #IceWorldsGreenwich

London is looking beautiful tonight from #RRSSirDavidAttenborough at #Greenwich!

We look forward to welcoming visitors to Ice Worlds festival @RMGreenwich tomorrow:

Don't forget to tag us #IceWorldsGreenwich and let us know how your visit goes!

The future of the Polar Regions affects us all. It's crucial that future Polar community embraces the talents of everyone.

BAT is proud to support #DiversityInPolarScience with @BAS_News

The gentoos of Port Lockroy taking centre stage in our new calendar for 2022.

Available to pre order now in our online shop

📸 Photo by Helen Annan ©️ UKAHT

#Antarctica #Antarctic #PortLockroy #2022Calendar #Penguins #Conservation

Book your free tickets now for a Family Friendly opening at the Polar Museum on Saturday 23 October.

Enjoy (Covid-safe) object handling, museum trails, short films and science demos running in our lecture theatre at points throughout the day. #halfterm

⚓️ COO EE! 🐧Emma penguin here - ready to welcome you to @DiscoveryDundee, the 5- star visitor experience that draws your family into the rich history of Captain Scott's remarkable Antarctic expedition vessel RRS Discovery! 🚢
#kidsinmuseums #familyfuntime #visitdundee #southpole

A consignment of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines has reached BAS #Rothera Research Station in #Antarctica:

Arranged by Crown Agents & the MoD as part of @FCDOGovUK commitment to supply vaccines to inhabited UKOTs.

📸 Doctor Klara Weaver takes delivery.

@GovBAT @JFRumble @BAS_News @UKPolarNetwork & the @RGS_IBGschools pleased to include the #polarpride penguin on @JFRumble #geographysuperhero profile

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