The British Antarctic Territory is the UK’s largest Overseas Territory. It lies in Antarctica, the world's most southerly continent.

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Euro 2020 in Antarctica

As part of a regular series on the meaning of place-names in the Territory, this latest edition marks the end of a tense and exciting month of football at Euro 2020. There is a strong correlation between Antarctic place-names and the countries represented at the Euro 2020 football tournament. This is perhaps not so surprising,…


New Commissioner for the British Antarctic Territory

This month we welcome Paul Candler as the new Commissioner for the British Antarctic Territory. In this role, Paul will oversee the good governance of the Territory, assisted by the Deputy Commissioner and the Administrator. Ahead of his appointment, Paul commented on his enthusiasm to work on one of the most unique regions in the…


Midwinter’s Day 2021

  Midwinter’s Day is celebrated every year on the 21st June in the British Antarctic Territory. For those overwintering in Antarctica, it marks the middle of the long Antarctic winter, spent in near total darkness. HM Commissioner for the British Antarctic Territory, Ben Merrick, has written to the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) personnel currently stationed…


Sir James Clark Ross

As part of a regular series on the meaning of place-names in the Territory, this latest edition focuses on Sir James Clark Ross to mark the final season in Antarctica, after 30 years of service, of the Royal Research Ship (RRS) James Clark Ross. RRS James Clark Ross is named after Admiral Sir James Clark…



The sun is back at #Rothera 🎉 Thank you atmospheric scientist John Law for capturing this beautiful shot after a long period of #Antarctic winter darkness!

Rothera Research Station:

📷 John Law

The Universal Language of Football #Antarctic researchers send best wishes to the England men’s football team. Watch the video of them walking the England flag through Rothera Research Station: #Euro2020 #itscominghome

Happy #WorldChocolateDay! 🍫
These images, from our wonderful photographic collections, show expedition members in their wet weather gear on the deck of the Terra Nova, sharing a box of Fry's chocolates.
The images were captured by Herbert Ponting

Incredible opportunity alert!!📢 @DwayneFields & @PhoebeRSmith are looking for young people aged between 16-19 years to join them on a life-changing journey to Antarctica in 2022. Know anyone that might be interested? One week left until nominations close. 👇

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