Strategy and Project Funding

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Our Strategy

Our 5-year strategy for the British Antarctic Territory was developed with stakeholders, setting out our objectives and funding priorities.

The headline objectives are:

  • to ensure the long-term security of the Territory by supporting the UK’s high profile within the Antarctic Treaty System;
  • to promote the UK’s sovereignty of the Territory, by increasing awareness of British current and historic interests in the region;
  • to protect the British Antarctic Territory’s incredible environment and preserve British heritage;
  • to ensure an effective and proportionate legislative and administrative framework which addresses all activities conducted within the Territory; and
  • to manage the Territory’s finances in accordance with best financial practice.

The strategy is a living document and is reviewed every year.

Our current strategy covers the period 2014 to 2019.

Download the British Antarctic Territory Strategy 2014-2019 

Project Funding

We fund a number of projects each year across the following four priority areas:

  • Environmental protection and minimising human impacts
  • Education and outreach
  • Heritage
  • Governance and promoting UK sovereignty

We are self-financing, generating revenue primarily from the sale of stamps and coins, and from income tax payable by those stationed on the UK research bases. Revenue we do receive is re-invested into the territory.

Apply for funding

We are currently committed to funding a number of ongoing projects so a formal bidding round will not take place for this present financial year (2018 to 2019). However, we will consider good project proposals on an ad hoc basis. You can complete the BAT Project Application Form and send it to

Past Projects

Over recent years such projects have included work to restore sites of historical importance, support the monitoring and further understanding of penguin colonies in the Antarctic Peninsula, updating the award winning education website and raising public awareness of Antarctica by supporting, for example, the Polar Worlds Gallery at the National Maritime Museum.