List of Coin Releases

A list of our coin issues from 2008 to present day.

Year  Coins
2022-60th Anniversary of the Formation of the British Antarctic Territory £2
2021-30th Anniversary of Environmental Protocol: Emperor Penguins £1
- 30th Anniversary of Environmental Protocol: Ross Seals £2
- HM Queen 95th Birthday 50p
- Antarctic Barbeled Plunderfish £2
- 60th Anniversary of Antarctic Treaty £2
- Scotia 50p
- HMS Terror 50p
2020- HMS Erebus 50p
- 200 Years Discovery of Antarctica
- Climate Change
2019- Adélie Penguin 50p
- Chinstrap Penguin 50p
- Emperor Penguin 50p
- Gentoo Penguin 50p
- Emperor Penguin Titanium
- RRS Sir David Attenborough
- Boaty McBoatface 50p
2018- Blue Petrel
- 150th Anniversary of birth of Robert Falcon Scott
- Boaty McBoatface (50p)
2017- Crabeater Seal
- Collapse of the Larsen B Ice Shelf
- Southern Right Whale
2016- HM Queen 90th Birthday
- Emperor Penguins
- Sperm Whale
2015- Hourglass dolphin
- Centenary of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition
2014- Orca Whale
- Centenary of Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition
2013- Naming of Queen Elizabeth Land
- Emperor Penguin Chick
- Halley Research Station
2012- Centenary of Captain Scott's Terra Nova Expedition
2009- 50th Anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty
2008- 100th Anniversary of Grant of Letters Patent